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Family First 

Plush Picnics & Co. is a luxury picnic company located in the capital of California: Sacramento. We are a family-owned business that values excellence, service, and lasting moments. Our goal is to reintroduce the art of gathering outside together in a safe, fun, and luxurious way!



Our mission is to provide a luxurious, stylish, and sensory experience to will create a lasting memory.

As a tight knit family with roots from Georgia and Louisiana, we view gathering as an art - whether outdoors or indoors. When you combine great food and even greater company it's a recipe for fun, warm memories.


We want to help people get back to these moments and feelings in a new experience: luxury picnics.

We have always valued quality time with friends and family and recognize what an important impact those interactions have on our mental health and overall well being.

Our beautifully styled picnics are paired with high quality food; so whether you prefer a grassy park picnic or a laid-back romantic sunset at the beach or a poolside backyard picnic at home  - We promise a memorable picnic event for you and your guests.