Fresh Buds

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

This process is as easy! You’ll choose a location, theme, food package, date, and time. We’ll handle the set-up, clean up - all you have to do is show up!

Can I bring my own food?

You can bring whatever you like to your picnic. A savory charcuterie box and drinks (no alcohol) is included with each scheduled picnic. 

Who picks the location of the picnic?

Locations have been carefully scouted. However, you can choose your own for a special event or purpose. Picnics locations must be within a 25 mile radius of the State Capitol Building.

What if I want to cancel? Are picnics refundable?

Unfortunately all bookings with Plush Picnics & Co. are final and non-refundable. We are happy to reschedule as time and weather permits.

Do you take bookings on short notice?

Of course, if the spot is open! The sooner notice the better. Text us for a short notice picnic at (916) 243-6986. Minimum notice 24 hours. 

What if there is bad weather on my picnic day?

We are more than happy to reschedule or relocate, but we will not issue a refund.

Is there an extra charge in case of accidents?

Accidents happen. We have an additional fee of $35 for spills, etc.

What if I'm running late for the picnic?

Please send a text message to (916) 243-6986, if you are running late. We will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I decide to leave a picnic early?

Please just send a text message to (916) 243-6986, 30 minutes before leaving early so the picnic isn’t left unattended.

Why do I have to sign a Release of Liability waiver?

All guests must sign a Release of Liability waiver before the start of the picnic to protect you and Plush Picnics & Co. 

What if I want to bring my children? Do you offer kid-friendly picnics?

We believe children are so awesome! If you must bring your children we can happily add kid charcuterie boxes for an additional fee. 

We can curate a kid friendly picnic, please contact us via email 

I want to make this picnic extra special, what else do you offer? 

Plush Picnics Co. can customize your picnic experience and offers upgrades to make your experience memorable. Send an email to to inquire about a custom experience. Plush Upgrades include: 

  • Bluetooth speaker $5

  • Reserved parking $10

  • Balloon garland $25

  • Picture and picture frame $15 (Keepsake)

  • Additional time $30 mins for $25

  • Request photographer (20 mins $50)

  • Picnic theme candle unlit $5 (Keepsake)

  • Picture book album $30

  • Upgraded plush food box $23-35 per person

  • Additional Private Picnic upgrades are available. Please email us at for further details. 


What is your commitment to health and safety - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

We frequently wash and sanitize our hands and space at each stage of the picnic curation experience and food handling. 

We reinforce food hygiene principles to maintain a sanitary food preparation area and to eliminate and reduce the risk of food surfaces and food packaging materials becoming contaminated.

All members of our food preparation team have Food Handlers Cards. 

We ensure adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene practices for our picnic curation team, food preparation team, and guests including soap, wipes/alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and paper towels.

Picnics are designed to host 2-4 people in the same household (aka same germ pool). 

When hosting indoors, we will provide an air purification machine. We highly recommend the circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors. 

We use disposable food service items including utensils and dishes. If disposable items are not feasible, we ensure that all non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher. 

There is limited to no interaction between our picnic curation team and guests. When interaction occurs, our team wears a mask and stays 6ft from guests.